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PRSI, Kolkata Chapter is a 66 Years old body that continues to pursue the ‘think-out-of-box’ and think-ahead’ approach. PRSI believes that exceptional work should always be recognised. The BrandEdge Awards puts a spotlight on the industry’s most compelling work.

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Jury Members

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Special Note: The BrandEdge Awards will be judged by external jury members Presently, three jury members have been confirmed, more additions will be added shortly.

Awards Categories

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Award Nomination Closed.


DEI Champion of the Year

Recognising an individual who has made significant contributions in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in their organisation or community.


Inclusive Workplace of the Year

Honouring an organisation that has demonstrated exceptional commitment and achievements in creating an inclusive and equitable work environment.


Gender Equality Advocate

Celebrating an individual or organisation that has actively worked towards advancing gender equality and empowering women in the workplace.


Accessibility Innovator

Acknowledging an individual or organisation that has developed innovative solutions or initiatives to improve accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities.


LGBTQ+ Inclusion Initiative

Recognising an organisation or individual who has implemented impactful initiatives or policies to foster inclusivity and support LGBTQ+ employees or community members.


Racial and Ethnic Diversity Advocate

Honouring an individual or organisation that has shown dedication to promote racial and ethnic diversity, combating discrimination, and fostering cultural understanding.

Youth Empowerment Catalyst

Celebrating an organisation or individual who has made notable contributions in empowering and supporting marginalised youth, ensuring equal opportunities for their development.


Inclusive Education Program

Recognising an educational institution or initiative that has successfully implemented inclusive practices, providing equal access and quality education for all students.


Community Engagement for Inclusion

Acknowledging an organisation or individual that has actively engaged with communities to promote DEI values, address social inequalities, and foster inclusive development.


DEI Leadership Award

Honouring a senior executive or leader who has demonstrated exceptional commitment and leadership in driving diversity, equity, and inclusion within their organisation or industry.

  • Every entry will be entitled to a digital certificate if not adjudged a winner.
  • Complimentary Delegate Pass for each entry if not adjudged a winner.
  • If the award winner is unable to receive it in person, alternative arrangements will be made for sending the award memento and citation through courier after payment.
  • Duplicate memento and citation available on extra payment through courier.

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