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BrandEdge 2.0, powered by the Public Relations Society of India (PRSI), Kolkata Chapter, is a dynamic platform for brand custodians and industry thought-leaders. Going beyond a typical brand conference, it emphasises the pivotal role of brands in today’s digital landscape. This edition of BrandEdge aims to foster an engaging discourse on diversity, equity, and inclusion, seeking to exchange valuable insights among participants. Together, we aspire to shape the future of branding in the digital age, driving innovation and success in the industry. Join us as we embark on this remarkable journey of knowledge-sharing and networking at BrandEdge 2.0.

Public Relations Society of India (PRSI), Kolkata Chapter


The Public Relations Society of India (PRSI) is the national association of public relations practitioners and communication specialists in India. It functions primarily for professional development. It seeks to formulate and interpret the objectives and potential of public relations as a socially useful function and uphold its value as an integral part of management. It is an extremely reputable and informative platform where a lot of insights on different topics can be gained.

PRSI provides immense opportunities starting with innovation, creativity, presentation and so on. PRSI, Kolkata Chapter is keeping with its defined objective, aims to advance quality communication and the ethical practice of public relations through networking and intellectual leadership encompassing irreversible and evolving technologies, consumer services growth and paradigm shifts in media and marketing.

The PRSI, Kolkata Chapter, serves as an energetic platform for public relations and communication professionals in Eastern India. Committed to bridging gaps between academia and industry, it fosters a thriving community of PR professionals. Through initiatives like BrandEdge 2.0, the Chapter furthers its commitment to empowering communication professionals, promoting the exchange of ideas and facilitating mutual growth.

Top Draw

  • Brand vision 2030: Leadership Talks
  • Education Next: Evolving Scenario, case studies of big names including one session focused on East-Northeast:
  • Nations as Brands in Tourism & Investment:

  • Branding Indian States for Tourism and growing investment opportunities.

  • Health Communication @2030. The corporate sector is emerging in a leadership role in healthcare. The session will dedicate itself to the importance of branding in the health sector.

  • Importance of Branding in Art, Culture and Corporate Social Responsibility.

  • Political Governance Communication

  • Brands & Experiential Marketing @2030, BrandTech & MarTech of the Future…..


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At BrandEdge 2.0, experience an enlightening journey through engaging discussions, unique insights, and networking opportunities. Our programme has been meticulously designed to provoke thoughts and inspire actions.